Lakeland Beef, Lamb & Pork

Every year we are extremely proud to source millions of pounds worth of fine British beef, lamb and pork for our catering and retail customers.

Lakeland Beef



We launched our Lakeland Beef scheme in 2001 and every week we buy live cattle through the local auction or direct from local farms, bought and kept within our strict specification when it comes to fat cover and confirmation of the beast.

In the last year alone the company has purchased roughly 1690 live cattle – all then matured, prepared, packed and delivered to our customer base.

Our Lakeland Lamb is sourced from British Farm Assured producers and can amount to over 200 lambs per week. We strive to maintain the eating quality you would expect for 52 weeks of the year.

Fresh Lakeland Pork is bought on a daily basis from Maurice Wharton of Black Brow Abattoir, based near Wigton, Cumbria.

21 Day Dry Aged Lakeland Beef
We have a designated dry aging room with a controlled temperature, humidity and air flow. We age our Lakeland Beef on the bone for 21 days before boning, or we can age for longer if customers prefer – just speak with your sales manager.

The dry aged steaks have different cooking and flavour characteristics compared with wet aged beef that has spent a length of time vac packed – so if you want to serve the very best steaks the Lakeland dry aged are a must!